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In 1996, I wrote a letter to the tooth fairy

In the letter, I explained why twenty-five cents per tooth was no longer competitive pricing. I cited inflation rates and some dubious peer surveys. I was seven, and the letter worked. From then on, I found crisp one-dollar bills under my pillow, and a persuasive writer was born.


When I'm not helping people craft compelling stories, I like to grow gourmet mushrooms, cut up old magazines, and build things out of wood. 


I use they/them pronouns—thanks!

Leo Cunningham, a brand strategist and copywriter, pretends to talk on a wireless keyboard instead of a phone. Ha. Funny.


Mission | Baltimore

Brand Strategist & Sr. Copywriter

YummyColours | NYC + CPH
Project Manager & In-House Copywriter


New York University | May 2011
BFA, Recorded Music

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