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National Endowment for Financial Education


Brand Strategist & Copywriter



Effective Financial Education
For All

The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) is an independent organization that champions effective financial education in America. 

If you've ever wished you'd learned about budgeting in high school instead of all that nonsense about integrals and arcsine, NEFE is on your side. Through extensive research and expert dialogue, they work to establish guidelines and standards for financial education in America. They're an obvious (and trusted) leader in this work, so we elevated their brand from a stodgy financial institution to a visionary leader in the fin-ed conversation.


I led a customized brand workshop with their communications team and developed a messaging platform for their brand identity evolution. I also developed copy for their website and internal documents.

Brand Strategy, Messaging Platform, Web Copy, Culture Guide


Leading the future of financial education in America.

We helped NEFE's communication team evolve their messaging and tone to feel more like a progressive nonprofit than a by-the-books financial institution.

NEFE's persona balances authoritative expertise with the invitation for collaborative dialogue. Everything they do is propelled by a deep desire to improve peoples' financial well being.

A fresh brand manifesto and persona helped their team rally around a new purpose and identity. I led a brand training to help everyone get up to speed with new tone of voice guidelines and messaging tips. I also re-wrote their call-for-proposal materials (web and print) to demonstrate their new confident, direct copywriting voice.

We also worked with the NEFE team to create their internal culture guide—a handbook of sorts for new hires. We included everything from values and legacy milestones to information about PTO and where to snag the best coffee in Denver.

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