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The Peale Center


Brand Strategist & Copywriter



Radical Museum-ing

The Peale is not your average museum. As the nations first purpose-built museum and a collection comprised of stories—not objects, their leadership team needed a messaging platform to match their big aspirations. I supported them along a journey to realize their vision as space in service to the local community with a vision to completely re-imagine the role of museums in society. 

I developed a positioning strategy, messaging platform, and copywriting guide, equipping them to re-launch their brand in Summer 2022. I also worked with The Peale team to develop VO scripts for future video content.

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Brand Positioning Strategy, Messaging Platform, Video Scripts

"Leo's work far exceeded our expectations! We hired them to help with the Peale's rebranding project, and they provided valuable insights and creative thinking that helped us evolve our mission and message in a way that wowed our whole team. Leo has the ability to understand what matters and articulate it in a succinct and motivating way. They even helped us train our internal team on our new elevator pitch and how to use our messaging platform—everyone loves it!"


                                                   - Robin, Design & Inclusion Specialist at The Peale



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I developed four core messaging pillars to guide content creation and storytelling. These pillars speak to what The Peale does, but also provide inspiring pathways to expand on big ideas and aspirations.

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Messaging Platform

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