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Funk & Bolton


Brand Strategist & Copywriter



Creative Lawyers. Unique Solutions.

Funk & Bolton is a boutique law firm in Baltimore, MD. 

We built their brand to stand out in crowded marketplace by emphasizing human connection and cross-discipline creativity. I led a customized brand workshop with the Funk & Bolton marketing committee and developed a brand and messaging platform to accompany their new visual brand identity. I also developed copy for their new website.

Brand Strategy, Messaging Platform, Web


Not all lawyers are created equal.



To help Funk & Bolton stand out among other local law firms and convey the benefits of their partnership and expertise.


All law firms look the same and say the same thing. They're often out of touch and stodgy. Standing out among this crowd would be easy if professionalism and formality were off the table—too bad these are legal decisions and gobs of money we were talking about here.


We conducted  market research, held stakeholder interviews, and led in-depth brand workshop.


We positioned Funk & Bolton as a bold, creative law firm—a refreshing identity among their traditional competition. We emphasized specialized expertise and cross-discipline collaboration to enhance the value of their service. We  challenged the perfunctory lawyer stereotype by creating a brandmark with humanity and movement and developing a brand voice that's both confident and approachable.

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