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Strategist & Copywriter



Fentanyl Acts Fast

BMORE POWER (Peers Offering Wellness, Education and Resources) is Behavior Health System Baltimore's harm reduction outreach team.

We helped them create a campaign to increase awareness about the presence of fentanyl in the city, help people avoid accidental overdose, and provide harm reduction resources. I led conversations with the client team, concepted the campaign direction and tagline, and provided copy for the campaign landing page.

Campaign Strategy, Web, OOH


A simple message saves lives.

Fentanyl is a cheap, synthetic opioid 80-100 times stronger than morphine. Pills and heroin are often cut with fentanyl to keep the price lower. When people aren't aware their drugs contain fentanyl, they're at a higher risk of overdose.

In 2018, we helped BMORE Power create and launch a fentanyl awareness and harm reduction education campaign and website. We educated people on using safely, considering the high likelihood their drugs could contain fentanyl.

We settled on a simple campaign message—Go Slow—because we learned the easiest way to prevent accidental overdose is to inject or consume drugs slowly to determine their strength before continuing. We also encouraged folks to carry naloxone and use with a friend—two behaviors that significantly reduce overdose fatality.

We created lighters, stickers, pamphlets, and business card-sized info cards for the BMORE Power to hand-out around town. We learned that digital advertising wasn't the best way to reach our target audience, so we concentrated on simple, informative printed collateral, bus-shelters, and posters.

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