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Assistant Director & Copywriter



Got Stiffnicity?

For their biggest launch of the year, global lacrosse giant STX wanted something flashy, something trashy—something 13-year olds would admire. So, we deemed their new never-warp, never-break the pinnacle of "stiffnicity." Then, we dove headfirst into the wacky world of 90's infomercials. We modernized the art form for short attention spans and optimal goof. We convinced men's lacrosse icons RJ Kaminski and Scotty Rogers to clown it up. Then, we won an Addy. Not bad for a directing debut.

Concept: Luke Andersen, Leo Cunningham, Steve Semanchik; Videography: Jason Johnson; Video Production: Luke Anderson, Todd Harvey

Campaign Video, Shorts, Social, Landing Page

 Fully Integrated

Tons of scripted "bloopers" an unexpected cameos. Paid and organic campaigns. Responsive (and ridiculous) landing page. Customized polos and Stiffnicity tank tops. Plus, an Omega-branded tube of sunscreen free with every purchase. At the biggest lacrosse equipment expo of the year, we debut the Omega Oven where players could test their twigs against a fiery inferno. As far as we now, no one got hurt. 

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