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If ideas were truffles,
I'd be a world-class truffle hound.

I help brands crystallize their purpose, find their voice, and simplify their message.

At the heart of every brand, campaign, and message there's a delicious truffle of an idea. Sometimes the idea is universal; sometimes it's only meant to resonate with a target few. My super skill is hunting down those big ideas. They're usually hiding right under your nose, so it can help to have a fresh—and experienced—perspective. The big idea becomes the basis for a strong brand strategy: a roadmap for making sure your customers think about you—and engage with you—exactly how you want them to.


Brand Strategy

Brand strategy provides a strong foundation for audience engagement, cohesive communications, marketing campaigns, and visual identity design. I'll help you establish a brand strategy and messaging platform that's actually actionable. It starts with surveys and conversations to engage key stakeholders, and ends with a clarified brand position, personality, and execution guidelines for your team.



Maybe you have an idea about what you want to say, but you need help with the actual writing part. I can work with you on high-level campaign concepts or provide copy for websites, direct response marketing, scripts, social posts, blogs, resumes, and professional bios. You can hire me to write on a project-by-project basis or join your team part time on a retainer contract.

All great projects start with
(free) consultations. 

What does a brand strategist do? 
How do I know if I need one? 

Your team members give different answers when asked this simple question: "What does your organization do?"

I'll help crystallize your purpose, unite your internal teams, and craft a strong elevator pitch.

You have trouble explaining what you offer compared to your competitors or making it relevant to your target audiences.

I'll help identify what makes you unique and create a messaging platform that helps you communicate it.

You aren't using a consistent "voice" or writing style across your communications—and it shows.


I'll help you establish a brand voice and writing style based on how you want to be perceived and how you want your audiences to feel.

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