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Towson University Admissions





Fall 2021 Campaign

Be You At TU

A Towson University education is built opportunities. All ambitions welcome.


TU isn't just a school for aspiring teachers or MBA-earners. This campaign alludes to the many paths a student's life can take with an inclusive and exciting tone, reinforcing mentorship and real-world opportunities along the way. I worked with an art director to concept the campaign direction, scripted the video, and wrote creative copy for the digital marketing push.

Concept: Leo Cunningham & Michael Farina; Brand Identity: Luke Andersen;
Video Production: Michael Farina

Campaign Video, Digital Marketing

This campaign resulted in 271,670 new users to the prospective student landing page.

A phased approach to the admissions cycle.

Our digital marketing campaign ran in three phases from June to January. Each phase emphasized a specific message and CTA aligned with the undergraduate admissions cycle. We ran ads on Google Search, Facebook, and Google Display.


Phase One

Our first phase ran during the summer, when juniors and seniors are first starting to plan for college and start applying for college respectively. We targeted students and parents separately and adjusted our brand tone accordingly. Creative for parents was slightly more professional and elevated; creative for students was inspiring, inclusive, and welcoming.

Phase Two

Our second phase ran during the fall and encouraged students to engage deeper with the university by registering for a visit, touring virtually, or chatting with an admissions counselor. We knew students would be seeing a lot of similar college-related propaganda during this time of year, so we shifted to a tone of voice that balanced bold statements with a "we get it" attitude.

We ran separate ads for seniors, encouraging them to apply and emphasizing the Early Action application deadline.

Phase Three

Our final phase was a remarketing effort targeting students who had visited a landing page but hadn't yet taken an action. We stressed the final deadline date and informed students that TU was test-optional for fall 2021 admission.

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